Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alexander McQueen: The Final Collection

There is no denying Alexander McQueen was a creative genius. Last week, in a Paris salon, editors were invited to view the 16 pieces he was working on before his death. This showing was no different than the rest. Just as cutting edge, and fashion forward as he’d always been. His design team finished his looks and presented this:

(images via

Ever a fan of McQueens vision, my heart skipped a beat when I laid my eyes on his collection of luggage for Samsonite. And while contemplating a purchase, I quickly realized I had more things on my function list, than I did my fashion. (But it doesn't hurt to look does it?...I didn't think so.)

(Samsonite Black Label by Alexander McQueen Hero A1 Upright)

Since I can always appreciate a little (or a lot) of glimmer, I had to include a few of  his shoes.

(Spring 2010) 

(images via British Vogue)

Now who wants to give these a try?...Anyone?


  1. i LOOOOOVEEEE his clothes. It breaks my heart to see genius go so young too